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North Cyprus Guide
Northern Cyprus enjoys a typical Eastern Mediterranean climate with long hot summers and short mild winters (with a few exceptions). The northern coastline, which borders the Girne (Kyrenia) mountain range, is accepted as one of the most beautiful areas in the Mediterranean in which to live. The natural beauty of the island, the lovely climate, the warmth and generosity of the Turkish Cypriot people and the abundant selection of fresh foods make Northern Cyprus a corner of earth touched by heaven. This country is reminiscent of UK standards long lost, where hospitality, politeness and the general enjoyment of life are the daily norm.
The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is situated in the Eastern Mediterranean with an area of 3.355 square miles. This island is the third largest island of Mediterranean and it is 70 kilometres away from the Turkey and 385 kilometres away from Egypt.
Northern Cyprus is known with its typical Mediterranean climate which has long, hot summers and short, mild winters. It offers about 300 days of sunshine each year with average 19 O C temperature. With average 21 O C sea temperature, Northern Cyprus has the warmest sea in the Mediterranean during the summers.
Banks :
Banks and exchange offices can change all foreign currencies for Turkish Lira. There are branches of many Turkish, Cypriot and international banks in Northern Cyprus. All these offices and banks are open from Monday to Friday between 08.00am-12.00am / 02.00pm-04.00pm. Also exchanging is possible in the hotels, shopping centers and any place where you buy goods and services.
Major Towns:
The Nicosia is the capital city of TRNC with its population of 35.000. This town is also the political and business center of the country. Famagusta is located in eastern side of island and it is the cultural capital of Cyprus with its historical and ancient structures. Kyrenia has a big tourism potential with its long sandy beaches, luxury hotels and its fascinating harbour.
Rent a Car:
Make life easy and venture round the island taking in all the fantastic views and sights by renting a car from the nearest car hire shop.
Northern Cyprus offers many alternatives about accommodation with its small family hotels, motels, self-catering villas, first class and resort hotels.
Click onto the North Cyprus hotels to find out the needed information.
Most of well-known brands are available alongside the local goods and products in the shops and supermarkets in Northern Cyprus. Especially tourists and foreign visitors prefer low-cost wines and spirits such as Cyprus brandy and Cypriot beers. Furthermore, most of foreign cigarettes, beverages and other goods can be found with cheaper prices than UK prices.
Medical and Health:
Medical and dental care can be provided by private practitioners and hospitals, at lower costs than in the other European countries.
Emergency Telephone Numbers:
Police 155 , Hospital 112 , Fire 199
The official language is Turkish. English is spoken and understood all over the country.
Two hours ahead from the Greenwich Mean Time.
International transportation is provided by Kyrenia port and Ercan Airport in Nicosia.
EU passport holders receive three month visa on arrival. If you want to live permanently in Northern Cyprus, you must gain a residency permit from government.