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Title Deeds
Title Deeds in North Cyprus

With regard to the purchase of land or buildings, we first look at the different types of property, and the title deed which one is likely to be offered.

Foreigners are limited to one donum per person (husband and wife count as one person unless they have different surnames).

a) Clean freehold title – British or other foreign ownerships pre 1974, with title deed (kocan), clearly stating that this is the case. Internationally recognized deeds.

b) Clean freehold title – Turkish Cypriot owned pre 1974. These deeds are 100% safe, but before the property can be registered in your name, an application must be made to the Council of Ministers for approval. The procedure to obtain approval will take 6-8 months maybe even longer.

TRNC Title deed – kesin tasarruf – absolute possession document- title deed. This is property or land that was in Greek Cypriot ownership pre-74. When the Turkish Cypriots came to the safety of the north after July 1974, they left all their possessions behind in the south. Accordingly the Government then assessed on a point’s basis, the value of the Turkish Cypriots forsaken assets in the south. With these points, the Turkish Cypriots could take a relinquished Greek Cypriot house or land in compensation for his lost properties in the south to the TRNC government, who would then hold them pending a negotiated settlement between the north and the south Governments. The refugee would then be issued with a title deed for his newly recompensed property. Until he received this title, he would not be in a position to sell.

d) Land or property – Greek Cypriot pre ‘74 – no title deeds – yet unissued. Some people offer for sale, for relatively nominal sums, these properties without deeds. They are sold for “air money” or “goodwill” usually, these need the purchase of additional points before the title deeds will be issued. It is our opinion that agreements should not be entered into for property that does not have a title deed issued by the relevant authority.

e) Contractual or “cases pending” land or property. When one looks back to pre 1974, there were over two thousand British in the Girne area, and property was experiencing something of a boom. In the period up to the Peace Operation in July 1974, there were several hundred title deed applications pending and subsequently not processed, owing to the lethargy of the Greek Cypriot administration, and the political instability.

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